Monday, 16 December 2013


I am an artist and a womenswear designer. I did not want to be an artist, but I was making art work. One day Indra came into my studio, spoke to me for ages about all the reasons why I should focus on being an artist. I gave art another go, something I left behind in 1998 after my A Level Fine Art course. Now I study MFA Fine art at Goldsmith, life is not so bad. I started making art, as an activist statement discussing political correctness within current affairs and fashion. 

In the 90's when I was a teenager, I would have a ran mile away from the word 'FEMINISM'. Back then growing up in a suburban, mediocre area of west London, being a feminist meant; a women who hates men and looks bad. Recently I was in a art feminist meeting, being asked do I mind being called a feminist artist. I said, 'I don't mind being called a feminist or a contemporary artist or an old fashioned artist. Whatever it takes to achieve equality, a label to me makes no difference'. Now being part of an art system in London, confronted by one of most apparent issues in art: sexism. Before I entered this art system, I was too busy trying to help stop wars in: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Palestine, Libya and Syria. In imperialistic west art world there's a war going on between men and women. 

Since the start of my independent practice in 2002, most important agenda has been to be a good human. Deviation from fashion industry was to sustain my humanitarian practice. In the art system there is another issue to face up to, how is it possible to be good to men who treat women badly. Just step up be a better human. My mother taught me; to think for myself, women in fashion taught me how to be: confident, strong, and prosperous. AND DO NOT EVER BE ASHAMED OF BEING A WOMEN OR A GIRL! 

Indra and Samia gallery is not just a feminist statement. Most importantly a human statement, we should all have rights and empower our own anatomy.

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